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Supplements are a great way to give yourself an extra boost, bridge nutritional gaps in your diet, enhance your immune system, or help with specific medical issues.

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By booking a one-on-one consultation with Stephanie, you can discuss your medical history and current issues with her in order to determine a customized solution that’s just right for you.

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Our supplements are available through our Fullscript virtual store, which ships supplements directly to clients or to our office.
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FloraMend Prime Probiotic by Thorne

A healthy gut is key to overall wellness. Digestive health, immune function, and the state of your mood are dependent on the health of your gut and its microbiome. Support your gut health and much more with Thorne’s FloraMend Prime Probiotic.
FloraMend offers benefits for occasional digestive upset, nutritional support for a challenged immune system, and balanced gut flora for healthy neurotransmitter production – important for a positive mood and healthy outlook and weight management.

Explore Natural Wellness with Rowe Casa Organics Products

Welcome to our curated selection of Rowe Casa Organics products—an embodiment of our commitment to natural wellness and functional medicine. These handcrafted, organic offerings are carefully chosen to complement your health journey. Here’s a glimpse into the benefits these products bring to support your well-being:

1. Holistic Approach to Wellness

At the core of Rowe Casa Organics is a commitment to a holistic approach to wellness. Our products are thoughtfully crafted with premium organic ingredients to provide a comprehensive solution to your health needs.

2. Pure and Organic Ingredients

Say goodbye to artificial additives and embrace the power of pure, organic ingredients. Rowe Casa Organics products are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that you receive only the best nature has to offer.

3. Support for Women's Hormones

Explore a range of supplements specifically designed to support women’s hormonal health. From blends crafted for menstrual support to those aiding in menopausal transitions, Rowe Casa Organics prioritizes women’s unique wellness needs

4. Immune System Boosters

Strengthen your body’s natural defenses with immune system-boosting supplements. Rowe Casa Organics products are formulated to support your immune health, helping you stay resilient year-round.

5. Digestive Harmony

Achieve digestive harmony with our selection of gut-friendly supplements. Whether you’re looking to support digestion, ease discomfort, or promote a healthy gut microbiome, Rowe Casa Organics has you covered.

6. Sleep and Stress Solutions

Discover natural solutions to support restful sleep and manage stress. Our carefully curated products provide a holistic approach to relaxation, promoting a balanced and rejuvenated state of well-being.

7. Skin and Beauty Elixirs

Enhance your natural beauty with Rowe Casa Organics’ skin-loving supplements. Nourish your skin from within, promoting a radiant and healthy complexion.

8. Sustainable Wellness

Rowe Casa Organics is committed to sustainability. Experience wellness that aligns with your values, knowing that our products are crafted with both your health and the environment in mind.

Explore the transformative power of Rowe Casa Organics products and elevate your natural wellness journey. Each product is a testament to our dedication to your health, offering you the purest and most effective solutions nature has to offer.

Note: Consult with our functional medicine provider to discover personalized recommendations tailored to your unique health goals.

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If you’re not sure which of the above treatments would be the most beneficial to you and your individual circumstances, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation. We’re here to help, and we’d be happy to provide you with some insight and a personalized treatment plan.

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There are always new developments within our understanding of holistic wellness. We’re committed to staying on top of new treatments and findings– and committed to providing ongoing, engaging education for our clients.
Unlocking Natural Appetite Control with GLP-1 Probiotic

Unlocking Natural Appetite Control with GLP-1 Probiotic

Ever find yourself giving in to the allure of a sugary snack or a savory treat, only to regret it moments later? Whether your weakness lies with sweets or salts, or perhaps a bit of both, you're certainly not alone in your battle against cravings. It's a universal...