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Intravenous infusion therapy utilizes the circulatory system to promote wellness from within. After placing an IV, we can infuse high-quality vitamins and minerals directly into your body. The good news about IV therapy? Infusions are 100% bioavailable and immediately get to work in our cells.

IV therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of medical issues, including nutrient deficiencies, cardiovascular health, fatigue, mood issues, and sleep problems.

What is a protocol?

Each protocol is a carefully developed combination of vitamins and minerals to help target and address various issues you may be experiencing. Please read the list carefully, or give us a call if you have any questions about specific protocols.

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Protocol Options

Read through the various IV therapy protocols we offer in order to determine which one will work best for your current medical situation– and don’t hesitate to ask us if you’ve got questions about any of them.

Acne Protocol

30-60 min | $190

This protocol is formulated to boost production of the skin’s most important features, collagen and elastin as well as providing hydration to the skin and supporting inflammatory skin conditions.

Fluids: B Complex | Vitamin C | Zinc | Selenium | Biotin| Glutathione | Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Protocol

30-60 min | $75

Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA) delivers antioxidants directly into the bloodstream for quick absorption. It’s used to help with conditions like diabetic neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, nerve pain, and cognitive decline.

Fluids: Alpha Lipoic Acid

Anti-Aging Protocol

30-60 min | $190

Turn back the clock with this anti-aging IV protocol loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Fluids: B Complex | Vitamin C | Selenium | Biotin | Glutathione | Alpha Lipoic Acid

Anti-Stress Protocol

30-60 min | $190

This protocol provides a specialized formulation to reduce stress and adrenal fatigue while boosting serotonin and GABA production in the brain.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B Complex | Vitamin C | Selenium | Glutathione

Beauty Protocol

30-60 min | $190

Includes a blend of IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can help detoxify your body and strengthen your hair, skin, and nails to help you look and feel your best.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B Complex | Vitamin C | Biotin | Glutathione

Chelation Protocol

30-60 min | $125

Chelation is a protocol where a chelating agent
(EDTA), is used to improve blood flow and reduce the buildup of calcium deposits in the arteries, which can lead to atherosclerosis—a condition where the arteries become narrow and stiff due to plaque accumulation. By reducing arterial plaque, chelation therapy may lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Fluids: EDTA| Magnesium | Vitamin C

Detoxification Protocol

30-60 min | $150

This protocol will support the repair and building of muscle, balance hormones, balance mood, detoxification, and leaky gut.

Fluids: Magnesium | Selenium | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Glutathione

Energy Protocol

30-60 min | $180

This protocol re-hydrates while boosting the body’s natural production of growth hormone and testosterone, also driving energy into the cells while decreasing soreness and fatigue.

Fluids: Calcium | B12 | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Folic Acid | Glutathione

High Dose Vitamin C

30-60 min | $150

This allows for a large amount of Vitamin C to support the immune system, offering antioxidant protection, aids collagen production, cancer support, and boosts energy levels.

Fluids: Vitamin C

Immune Boost Protocol

30-60 min | $180

A combination of IV fluids with high-dose vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants to supercharge your immune system and help you recover from illnesses faster.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B Complex | Vitamin C | Zinc

Migraine and Pain Protocol

30-60 min | $190

This protocol supports calm muscle contractions and relief from muscle tension, cramping, pain, and headaches.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B Complex | Vitamin C

Free Add Ons: Ketorolac | Ondansetron | Dexamethasone

Modified Myers’ Protocol

30-60 min | $180

Includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes designed to promote overall well-being, boost energy levels, and address various health concerns, such as fatigue, dehydration, and nutrients.

Fluids: Magnesium Calcium | B-Complex | Vitamin C | Hydroxocobalamin | Pyridoxine | Dexpanthenol

Myers’ Protocol

30-60 min | $150

A vitamin drip formulated to address chronic issues like migraines, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. It can be used to enhance wellness, speed up recovery, cure headaches, and help with low energy.

Fluids: Magnesium Calcium | B12 | B-Complex | Vitamin C

Pregancy Protocol

30-60 min | $85

Designed for expectant mothers, featuring a combination of B-complex vitamins and essential fluids. Great for Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Add On: Ondansetron $30

Recovery Protocol

30-60 min | $190

A blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and medications to restore vitamins in your body and help you overcome your hangover symptoms quickly.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | B12 | B Complex | Vitamin C | Famotidine | Ketorolac | Ondansetron | Dexamethasone

Respiratory Protocol

30-60 min | $190

This specialized treatment is designed to optimize respiratory health by addressing specific nutrient needs, promoting lung function, for individuals with respiratory conditions or challenges.

Fluids: Magnesium| Calcium Dexpanthenol | Pyridoxine | B12 | B Complex | Glutathione

Simple Hydration Protocol

30-60 min | $75

A saline IV can be used to help rehydrate the body, restore fluid balance, and hydrate tissues, while relieving muscle contractions.

Vision Protocol

30-60 min | $180

This protocol is designed to enhance eye health and improve visual clarity. This specialized treatment utilizes a synergistic blend of essential nutrients, carefully selected for their effectiveness in supporting eye health and aiding in the mitigation of eye-related conditions and promoting overall ocular wellness.

Fluids: Magnesium | Calcium | Selenium | Zinc | Folic Acid | Pyridoxine | Dexpanthenol | Hydroxocobalamin | B Complex | Vitamin C | Glutathione

Weight Loss Protocol

30-60 min | $240

Accelerate your weight loss goals by addressing the root causes of weight gain, the nutrients in this IV can help weight loss become longer lasting and sustained.

Fluids: Magnesium | Zinc| B-Complex | Vitamin C | Glutathionec | Alpha Lipoic Acid | Lipo-C IM

Not sure where to start?

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If you’re not sure which of the above protocols would be the most beneficial to you and your individual circumstances, feel free to reach out and schedule a consultation. We’re here to help, and we’d be happy to provide you with some insight and a personalized treatment plan.

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