Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

Rather than focusing specifically on one area of the body, functional medicine works holistically– considering the full picture of physical, mental, and emotional health for each individual client.

Because functional medicine is so personalized, we’ll need to take an in-depth look at your genetic makeup, medical history, environment, and lifestyle. We may also conduct specialized lab tests to help identify the complex interactions between these factors to gain an understanding of your unique health characteristics.

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Consultation Options

If you’re interested in scheduling a comprehensive consultation with Stephanie, choose the option that works best for you and tap the button to schedule!

Health Consult


1 x 60 min appointment

Please be aware that the initial consultation fee covers only the first appointment. Subsequent sessions, not included in this fee, will be needed to discuss the results of the lab work conducted during the initial meeting. For a more comprehensive and cost-effective option, we recommend considering our Tiers. They provide enhanced value for your health consultation needs.

Women’s Hormone Consult


1 x 30 min appointment

Women’s Hormone Follow-Up


1 x 30 min appointment

Men’s Hormone Consult


1 x 30 min appointment

Men’s Hormone Follow-Up


1 x 30 min appointment

Tier I


1 x 60 min appointment
2 x 45 min appointments

Tier II


1 x 60 min appointment
4 x 45 min appointments

Tier III


1 x 60 min appointment
9 x 45 min appointments

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How our Consultations Work

We understand that obtaining healthcare can be a difficult and stressful process. At Lake Town Wellness, our goal is to change that for you.

With each consultation, you can look forward to:

a doctor who truly listens

one-on-one focused support

a personalized plan

actionable steps to reach your goals

Stephanie Thompson, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, holds ordering privileges at Baptist Health in Arkansas. Most labs can be conveniently ordered through Baptist Health, allowing for seamless insurance billing.

If you’ve got further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 501-436-2620.

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Return to Your Best Self

If you’re ready to work one-on-one with a provider who’s committed to gaining a comprehensive understanding of your health history, it’s time to book a consultation with Stephanie today.

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There are always new developments within our understanding of holistic wellness. We’re committed to staying on top of new treatments and findings– and committed to providing ongoing, engaging education for our clients.

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